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At Cape Veterinary Hospital, our dedicated team works diligently to keep

your pet wholesome because we know how important they are to you! In order

to ensure that they stay healthy throughout all the stages of their lives, preventative

care and regular wellness checks are key to detecting problems before they arise.


We recommend a wellness exam at least once a year, and as they age, it is imperative for pets to be seen even more. We strongly advocate for preventative care in order to catch problems before they emerge. Vaccines and disease screenings are administered and performed, and are dependent upon your pet’s health state and age.


Pet Wellness Exams

Wellness exams help us identify any potential problems and fast track your pet on a treatment plan to well being. Preventing an illness is just as important as treating one. Therefore, taking your pet for an annual wellness exam is crucial in keeping them healthy.


You can expect the following during a wellness exam at Cape Veterinary Hospital


  • Examine teeth, throat and oral cavity

  • Assess your pet’s heart

  • Examine the ears for infection, ear mites, allergic reaction and other related health issues

  • Examine the respiratory system

  • Test your pet’s reflexes

  • Palpate lymph nodes and abdomen

  • Inspect the skin

  • Palpate joints and muscles for arthritis and other orthopedic conditions

  • Test to evaluate the function of internal organs, blood, and other systems

  • Check vision and examine the eyes


Microchipping your pet dramatically increases your odds of being reunited if he or she is stolen or goes astray. It is a simple process of inserting a chip the size of a grain of rice in between the animal’s shoulder blades. The chip contains an identification number that can be scanned into a universal system used across the country.


A pet’s diet is an essential part to keeping them healthy! As a pet parent, you are in control of this aspect of their life. There are many different routes to take when trying to help your pet have the best quality of life with a well balanced diet. This could mean a weight loss plan, a change in food, more water intake, or receiving more vitamins, Cape Veterinary Hospital is able to work with you through the decision-making process.



Humans are more prone to developing health conditions with age, and the same goes for our furry family members. A pet owner can take the extra step by learning about some of the needs for their senior pets. We recommend twice annual wellness exams for our aging friends.


Our team at Cape Veterinary Hospital is experienced in meeting the needs that your geriatric pet health demands in order to keep them enjoying their golden years to the fullest.

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