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Our New Jersey veterinarians maintain the education and skills to practice

the safest and most effective surgical methods in the industry. Along with

continually increasing our skills, we also use advanced tools and the latest

techniques and technologies. Our surgical suite provides our team with a sterile

environment to perform a variety of procedures including dental cleanings, spays,

neuters, growth removals, foreign body removal, and gastropexy among other


Cape Veterinary Hospital offers state-of-the-art, progressive procedures for both minor and major surgeries including

  • Elective Procedures (spay/neuter)

  • Emergency Surgery Gastric and Intestinal Foreign Body Removal

  • Management of Trauma

  • Toxic Ingestions

  • Management of exotic patient medical and surgical needs

  • Traumatic Emergency Surgery, Penetrating Wounds

  • Urinary Obstruction Surgery

Anesthesia protocol is decided at the time of surgery and based on individual patient needs. Ensuring the health and safety of your pet during surgery is of the utmost importance to us. Pre-anesthetic bloodwork is offered for all patients prior to surgery. Anesthesia is based on history, breed, pre-existing conditions and age are used to create an individualized protocol for your pet. Pre and postoperative pain medication is available for elective and involved procedures.

Surgery can be an overwhelming situation for both the pet parent and patient, but our commitment is to keep you informed and speak about all of your pet’s options!

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