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Dr. Abi Logan


Dr Abi Logan is a graduate of Ross University School of Veterinary medicine, with clinical rotations at the University of Florida. Dr. Abi lived in Southern Jersey through her teen years, and actually started assisting at Cape Vet when she was 11 years old. She learned how to run fecals with our very own Jody! She also was responsible for mailing out all the reminders each month, when that was completed she went on farm calls with her father as well as assisted where ever she was needed. She did externships with several Veterinarians in Cape May County. Her family relocated to Lexington, Virginia where her father opened another veterinary practice. When Dr. Abi completed school she practiced with her father at his hospital in Virginia, where she got first hand experience with triage, surgery and covering emergency shifts. Dr. Abi moved to New Jersey to join the Cape Vet team several years ago! Her interests include general practice, surgery and treating each furry creature with compassion. In her free time she loves skiing, hiking, skeet shooting and any outdoor activity. She has two dogs, Remi and Maizi, and 2 cats, Dani and Nicks.

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