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Dentistry is an important component of overall health and quality of life. We provide

services for routine dental cleaning, as well as more extensive care for extractions and

tumor removals. Veterinary dental disease is often known as a “silent” disease. We at

Cape Veterinary Hospital, recommend annual dental examinations and preventative

dental cleanings for both dogs and cats.

Dental disease can lead to infections, discomfort or pain, decreased quality of life and more serious health issues.

Untreated dental problems can cause plaque and gum issues. The best way for a pet parent to care for their pet’s dental health is to brush their teeth daily! Bad breath is one of the first indicators that there is a dental issue.


Ways to prevent dental disease:

  • Daily brushing may help to save an animal’s teeth, prolong life and even decrease the number of anesthetic dental cleanings needed for your pet.

  • Consider cutting back on the number of treats, this can help decrease plaque and tartar.

  • A thorough oral exam every so often can bring many benefits in a dog and cat’s dental health.

  • Use toothpaste and toothbrushes that are specifically made for animals.

  • When introducing tooth brushing to your pet, take it slow and make it a positive experience for them.


Dental services must be performed between April 1st- May 31st 

Packages include:

  • Full mouth x-ray

  • Scaling

  • Polishing 

  • Anesthesia (if necessary)

Cat dental packages start at $600

Dog dental packages start at $800

Contact us for a more detailed quote. 


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